America needs child care relief to keep our providers in business to serve first responders—and get American families working as we begin an economic recovery. But child care providers are closing at an alarming rate due to catastrophic reductions in enrollment from widespread stay-at-home orders, and most don’t have the means to keep their businesses running if they aren’t operating at full capacity. Many won’t survive long enough to be around when America opens for business.

Millions of Americans rely on child care just to be able to work each day. Knowing the child care providers who close may never re-open, we need substantial, specific relief that addresses the range of issues being faced by child care providers and the families they serve. Without it, there may not be a child care industry left to keep America working.

More than half of child care providers may disappear


of child care facilities have closed and may not reopen without relief


child care slots will be permanently lost with these widespread closures

More Relief is Needed to Keep America Working

Congress and the Administration have taken important steps to provide immediate assistance to America’s child care providers and families. If the child care industry is to survive this ever-growing crisis, significant and dedicated assistance will be needed.

Keep Providers
In Business
Ensure child care providers who are currently closed continue to pay staff and cover fixed costs.
Protect Frontline
Support providers who remain open during the crisis, including assistance for children and workers.
Ensure Programs
Prevent further child care deserts during and after the crisis that will hurt economic recovery.
Help Families
With Affordability
Families will need financial help to find and afford child care that works for them after this crisis.

Action Center

If you are a caregiver struggling to keep your business working, we have assembled all of the resources that are available to you and provided a way for you to tell your story to Members of Congress so they can see what more needs to be done. Take action now to speak to Congress directly.