Arizona mom: “I was forced to resign because of no flexibility with child care”

This is the story of Alma, a parent in Arizona who contributed to Child Care in Crisis: Stories from the Field.

I was furloughed in March due to the pandemic. In May, we were told we would be working from home for about a month. During this time I no longer had child care so I advised my managers of the change. I was told I had to return and be available Monday through Wednesday 7-7 Thursday 10-7 and Friday and Saturday 8-4. I asked if going part time was an option due to limited child care hours I could only work 9-3. They denied my request.

I was forced to resign on June 3rd because of no flexibility with child care. This has really impacted my living situation and it’s disturbing that corporations are not willing to be more flexible with parents with children.